Why is my Mine Chest coming from Loot Crate?

Some of you may have noticed a hint of exciting things to come when we opened the portal and sent your shipping notification the other day…

It’s finally time to let the ocelot out of the bag! Adventure Chest, the creators of Mine Chest, have joined forces with Loot Crate (purveyors of fine subscription boxes and the fine things inside these boxes) to bring you even cooler Minecraft loot!

What does this mean for you? You will still get the amazing Minecraft collectibles you expect and, starting in January 2017, Mine Chest will begin shipping every other month (instead of every month). As a loyal subscriber, you’ll pay the same price you’ve been paying and still get the same number of Mine Chests you subscribed to get. For example, your current 6-month subscription will still include 6 chests, only they’ll arrive every other month. Monthly subscribers will be billed every other month.

Loot Crate is also going to be handling the Customer Support and Shipping for our community. They are really great at that kind of stuff, which is just one reason we are so excited to be growing with them on our team!

If you have any questions, you can talk to us by clicking HERE!

More great adventures to come!

-Team Mine Chest-

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